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Dashan Dashan
Dashan is now on Cameo

For anyone who would appreciate receiving a sincere and personalized message directly from "Dashan", I can be found on Cameo.

Jiang Kun Calligraphy Jiang Kun Calligraphy
Jiang Kun's Ode to Dashan

"A distinguished scholar and blockhead" (animated calligraphy)

Dashan Dashan
Vlog: Pandemic Plans

Live performances gradually came to a halt as the pandemic spread. Where do we go from here? Announcing the Huawei Canada Next-G Video Contest and other projects I'm working on.

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Dashan Live
Dashan Live

Solo comedy and my one-man show 


Dashan Live

at the Sony Centre in Toronto

Have you seen this one?

This was a guest performance of Dashan Live for Chinese New Year celebrations in February, 2019. Video of this bit really took off, with over a million views on YouTube (despite being blocked in China) and who knows how many more on the various video hosting sites it was copied to inside China.


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